Stories from the Outer Rim

Flight from Gogum hive

The negotiations that never were

Duke Piddock’s party was coming to an end, and just before everyone packed up and left Chance noticed the Gand in the corner checking something on his wrist and taking another, more careful look, at the party. Immediately Oskara headed over to his table and threw her hands down on his table, demanding to know who he was and what he was up to. Chance followed closely behind, keeping out of the way and snuck a peek under the table where sure enough the Gand had his hand concealed under his robe, most likely holding a weapon. Oskara questioned the Gand on his reasons for being there, to which he replied he was here representing a new organization that sought the advancement of interests concerning the insectoid species of the galaxy. Oskara wasn’t buying it, but it seemed the Gand wasn’t really buying her tale of her crew being on a ‘humanitarian mission’ either.

At this point in time, a Roche series protocol droid entered the cantina on some sort of personal repulsor field to which 41-VEX took immediate and intense interest. The droid spoke to Duke Piddock in a rushed and concerned manner and the two quickly exited, with the Duke nodding to both his droid AND to Vex to follow! Vex quickly followed but when the rest of the crew tried to follow the Geonosian guards stopped them. Chance tried to contact VEX on the comlink but 41 VEX had switched it off! Chance was furious, but just then Wex and Orpa Vio came up to the group and asked them about how their negotiations went and if they had any cargo they needed moved. The party seemed interested in the services they had to offer and agreed to talk with them later at gantry AA7 where they kept their ship, the Lucky Guess.

Meanwhile, 41-VEX was led by Piddock and some other geonosians to a large electronics lab that seemed to be set up for the purpose of developing technology in improving fight performance of starcraft. The lab was in a large degree of disarray with scoring from blaster fire on the walls and machinery knocked over. Several technicians were wounded and being attended to by other Geonosians. VEX tried to access one of the computers to see if he could learn more but suddenly Piddock directed him, the other droid and several technicians through a door that had been blasted open by some previous conflict. VEX now found himself part of a party moving cautiously down the tunnels as if trying to stalk someone. They were soon joined by a pair of Geonosian Soldiers and the hunt picked up. In a few more moments they saw a figure disappear down the tunnel ahead of them and the soldiers opened fire! Now the cause was really on that the whole group took off in pursuit.

Back at the cantina, Chase, Lowrick and Oskara left the company of Wex and Orpa with a druken Dax Tarlane and headed towards the Krayt fang at gantry AB7. Chance continued to try and contact 41-VEX on his somlink but VEX maintained radio silence. They soon reached the Krayt Fang and everyone boarded the ship except for Oskara who remained outside and set up a defensive position behind some crates incase the Gand or others came after them. On board the Krayt Fang, Lowrick set up the plant he took from the cantina with the cactus from Ryloth in Bay 3 where the prisoner cells used to be. She did the best she could to make their environment a nice one, but she knew they would soon need a better source of light or they would die. Chance made sure the FDU-1 was constantly trying to contact VEX, as Chance still had no idea where the blasted droid was!

At that time, VEX was still involved in the pursuit of the lone figure who now had made his way to the entrance to the gantries. The figure ran ahead, dodging blaster fire from the Geonosian soldiers, and came to the entrance to Gantry AA8 but suddenly drew back when he saw what must have been his ship crawling with Geonosian technicians. The figure turned as quick as he could and ran directly towards the nearest ship, which happened to be the one on the next gantry, AA7, the Krayt Fang!

Just as VEX was caught up in the pursuit towards the Krayt Fang, Osakra sees the figure running onto the gantry and hears him call for help! She yells at him to identify himself and he responds with, “Save me! I will give it to you! You will have the fastest ship in the Galaxy!” Chance hears this and runs to the gangway and opens it, letting the stranger, a Duros, on board. Osakra fires a blast that explodes some crates and their contents near the entrance to the gantry and knocks all the Geonosian technicians down and one of the soldiers. The remaining soldier returns fire however and scores a direct hit on Oskara! While this is happening VEX tries to open the access panel of the Geonosian droid beside him but fumbles and ends up knocking the droid forward into a repulsor enhanced dive with VEX holding on! Lowrick, coming down the gangway to see what’s going on, sees VEX in trouble and rushes out to catch him before he falls. Lowrick makes a heroic dive and manages to scoop up the droid just as Chance blasts a lucky shot into a gas main that spills a dark billowy gas over the gantry and conceals the assaulting Geonosians within it. Quickly, the party rebounds the Krayt Fang along with the Duros and prepare for an instant take off. Oskara wrests the object eh Duros in holding away from him and he begs her to be careful of it and for them to get to Ryloth if they can where he has friends. There is a debate as to where to go to as Chance pilots the ship away from the hive and as they debate two blips of pursuing star fighters appear on the radar. Chance gives the ship everything he’s got and it lurches into a lunging thrust which takes them just out of range in time for them to punch in coordinates to Ryloth and they hit hyperspace and just manage to escape…



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